How Are Offices Like Daycares?

Everyone seems sick. 

It’s winter, albeit a mild one, so it’s understandable.  Flu and cold season.  But I find myself holding my breath when I walk the halls or go into the coffee room.  Never mind touching any door handles.  There’s a green security button you have to press to get to the elevators.  I try using my knuckles like I do in the elevator but it’s hard to push. 

Offices are horrible, germy places.  Not so different than a daycare centre–in lots of ways.  People who work here are continually bickering with each other.  Luckily, I don’t have to work with them directly.  But I can hear the disagreements and arbitrations going on in the offices beside me.  I think the Manager of that crowd should start handing out “time outs”.  Or maybe a mandated 10 minute afternoon nap might help to calm tempers.  I’m glad I don’t have her job. 

Despite how I feel about my job, I know I have a pretty good gig.  No one really bugs me too much.  I come in.  Sit.  Sit. Sit.  Then, go home.  My mind in tatters from the stress of spending 7.5 hours sitting in a place I don’t want to be.

Do you have any babies in your office in need of a time out?

 Days left:  507

1 Good reason for coming to work today:  Starting this Blog


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